Office Cleaning Service: What Services Do We Provide?

Here are some of our standard scope of work :

Office and common walkways / areas

  • Empty garbage bins and replace garbage bags
  • Vacuum carpeted areas.
  • Sweep or vacuum hard floor surfaces.
  • Dust furniture and office equipment, including work areas, seats, tables and computers.
  • Disinfect level surfaces with a cleaning cloth.
  • Clean all internal glass panels and windows
  • Mop the hard floors with disinfectant cleaners.
  • Clean the glass windows and the entrances inside.
  • Clean all surfaces and dividers.
  • Wipe all high touchpoints with disinfectant and cloth.
  • Wipe door and doorknobs
  • Clean water drinking areas ie water fountain points

Bathrooms or restrooms:

  • Refill paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap.
  • Disinfect toilets and urinals.
  • Clean mirrors, windows and glass.
  • Disinfect bathroom surfaces, including entry handles, and towel or hand dryer accessories.
  • Clean the divisions between toilets and get rid of the watermarks.
  • Mop tiles and flooring with cleaning disinfectant.

Kitchen or pantry:

  • Empty garbage bins and replace garbage bags.
  • Wipe down counters, sinks, tables and chairs.
  • Clean microwave oven, coffee makers and other kitchen appliances.
  • Refill kitchen towels, dish washing liquid and hand soap.
  • Mop pantry floors.
  • Wash cups where needed
 Reach out to discuss your specific scope of work for your office needs with us today!