How to Protect Your Workspace Against Covid-19 With Commercial Cleaning in Singapore

How to Protect Your Workspace Against Covid-19: Commercial Cleaning in Singapore

COVID-19 - the respiratory illness that has been making headlines all over the world for the past two years, and the reason we all fell in love with a life filled with pajamas and Netflix.

Since its discovery, offices and other places of work have been looking for ways to protect their employees from contagion. Although working from home is now the new normal, for many people, the idea of leaving their slippers and returning to an unhygienic office is not only unappealing but also no longer acceptable.

In today's world, it's more important than ever for us to continue working in a clean and healthy environment. So let's discover some of the ways we can do just that, and protect our workspaces against COVID-19.

Tips to Protect Your Workspace Against Covid-19

Plan and Follow a Robust Cleaning Schedule 

One of the most important things we can do to protect our workplaces against COVID-19 is to have a robust cleaning schedule in place. This means having a plan for how often different office areas will be cleaned, and making sure that all employees are aware of it.

For uninterrupted productivity, it's crucial that cleaning schedules are carried out in the morning. When employees come into work to find their workspace fresh and clean, they're far more likely to have a positive attitude about being there in general.

We recommend hiring a professional cleaning team specializing in commercial and office cleaning. They will come in regularly to clean every nook and cranny. Office desks, tables, chairs, floors - they will ensure that everything is wiped down and cleaned thoroughly.

 Ensure Good Air Quality 

In addition to a good cleaning schedule, it's also essential to have measures in place to ensure good air quality. This means having an effective HVAC system and regularly changing the air filter, ensuring that the air your employees breathe is clean and healthy.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to maintaining good air quality is ensuring that there's enough ventilation in the office or workspace. If employees are sitting at desks with minimal airflow, they could be subjecting themselves to stale and potentially dangerous air for hours on end without even realizing it!

Invest In the Essential Cleaning Supplies

Whether you choose to hire commercial cleaning in Singapore or not, it's important that you have the essential cleaning supplies on hand.

Fully stocked bins with trash bags, as well as a few disinfecting sprays and wipes, are some of our basic requirements for office or workplace cleanliness. These items should be included in your regular supply order. After all, they're not going to run out from one week to the next!

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service is an assertive way you can ensure that your employees are protected against COVID-19. Office cleanliness will be given top priority, and professionals have all of the necessary training and equipment to keep everything spotless.

 Choose the Correct Disinfectant and Use it Precisely

With COVID-19, it's essential to use the correct disinfectant. We recommend using a product that has been specifically designed for cleaning spaces where computer keyboards and mouses are being used on a regular basis. This will ensure you have peace of mind when it comes to your employees' safety.

No matter what disinfectant you choose to use, it's crucial that you follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely. In many cases, overuse of a disinfectant can actually do more harm than good. Make sure your employees are aware of this, and only use products as directed.


We hope these tips have helped you in creating a solid plan for protecting your workspace against COVID-19. Office cleaning Singapore, commercial cleaning in Singapore, and professional cleaning services are great ways to ensure that your employees are safe and healthy when they come into work each day.

If you're ready to start protecting your workspace, give us a call today! Our office cleaning Singapore services will ensure your team has everything they need to complete their daily tasks in a clean and healthy environment - Covid free.